Is Microdosing For You?

Is Microdosing For You?

In recent years, microdosing psychedelics has quickly found mainstream success. Everybody from The NY Times, GQ, and The Independent to Huffington Post and Wired are writing about this "trend". But for many people, the conversation ends as soon as they hear the words "psychedelic drugs".

But what exactly is microdosing?

How can hallucination-causing psychedelics have medical benefits?

Microdosing is the act of taking tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs, like LSD or Psilocybin mushrooms, in a weekly schedule. Small, regulated doses of psychedelic drugs have been regarded as an effective means to improve day-to-day life. 

Users have reported benefits that include a boost in creativity, focus, energy, social skills, and more. While it has been recently popularised by some creative industry leaders in San Francisco, the first anecodotes came from the likes of Albert Hofmann, the Swiss scientist who first synthesised LSD back in 1943. The father of psychedelics, who lived to be 102, found that the act of consuming LSD in small amounts and taking walks in nature clarified his thinking.

Skip forward to 2018 and the list of those who have tried microdosing includes students, writers, creatives, programmers, architects, artists, athletes, musicians and actors, to name a few.

Benefits of Microdosing


Microdosing can make a person more attentive and focused. It helps in enhancing creativity, providing the brain with fresh ideas, and allowing you to think "outside the box". There's a huge increase in productivity and energy, without the jittery feeling that arises with caffeine use.


There are an increasing number of users reporting a huge boost in their performance in sport and in the gym. An overall increase in energy and a feeling of connectedness to the body allows the person to focus and use perfect form- whether it's resistance training, swimming or a casual game of tennis.



Psychedelics are believed to develop a person's spirituality, through seeing the world from a different perspective. There are many anecdotal reports of psychedelic users having immense trips and feeling much more 'connected' than before. It can make psychonauts feel as if they are one with the universe.

Microdosing psychedelics goes hand-in-hand with meditation, allowing you to focus on breathing and de-clutter the mind.


Socially, microdosing allows people to communicate more openly with others, and feel more in tune to the needs of those around them. Users have reported feeling more extroverted in social situations, where in the past they may have shied away from getting involved. 

A dose of this level does not show any physical sign of drug use. There's no pupil dilation, no excessive sweating and no vast difference in personality. Friends and family of microdosers have noted the person being calmer, less anxious and more socially aware.

According to Dr James Fadiman (one of the leading researchers on microdosing psychedelics), the majority of people who have tried microdosing have reported positive effects.

So, is microdosing for you?

If you want to improve any of the four aspects mentioned above, and you don't have any underlying mental health conditions, it's worth doing some research of your own. There are plenty of resources online that share valuable insights into the effects of microdosing psychedelics, with some negative as well as positive. But if you've looked into it, and want to give it a try - do it safely with our purpose made kits.


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