How to use The Mushroom Growing Kit

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This kit is aimed at making it easier and safer to grow a small amount of edible mushrooms at home. You'll have everything you need to get started except a spore syringe.

Included in the Mushroom Growing Kit:

You'll also need:

Before you begin: Once you start, you'll need to be quick and precise. So lay everything out on a clean, flat surface and triple check you have everything you need including a spore syringe. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any contamination.

Step one:

Unpack your chosen spore syringe, making sure there are no blockages (if there are, simply use an open flame to unblock for 5-10 seconds). 

Using your alcohol swab, wipe down the top lid of the MycoBox thoroughly and wait to dry.

Carefully inject 0.5-2.5ml of the spore solution in to 4 equally placed sites close the edge on top of the lid (see below for diagram). Pierce straight down and don't twist the syringe. If a small crack appears, don't worry!

Quickly cover the small holes with some clear tape.

Keep everything else that was included in the kit in a safe place, you'll need it in a few weeks.

Where to place mushroom spores

Step two:

Incubate your MycoBox somewhere warm and dark, ideal temperature is 26-28°C for most tropical mushroom species. Within 3-5 days you should start to see small spots of white mushroom mycelium growing.

Wait 2-3 weeks and the contents of the MycoBox should be completely white, except for a small top layer that will remain the same colour. If you're unsure if your mycelium is ready, wait a few more days.

Mycelium beginning to show

Step three:

It's time to move on to the final stage! Not long now until you're producing some gorgeous mushrooms. Wash your hands before you begin.

Pour the contents of the vermiculite bag in to the tray provided and carefully add 120ml of boiling water. Put the lid on and wait for a few hours to cool.

Once cool to touch, gently lift one side of the lid and pour off any excess water. Remove the lid completely, and gently squeezing your MycoBox to "birth" your mycelium cake, carefully turn it upside down and drop in to the tray. Be careful not to break it, but it should come out easily enough.

Place the whole tray and its contents carefully inside the plastic bag, close the top with paperclips or clear tape.

Pop the bag somewhere warm, around 22-24°C, with some natural light. But not direct sunlight! 

Step four:

After 2-3 weeks you should start seeing small mushrooms appear! They're ready to pick once the caps start to open, don't wait too long, but also don't pick the little ones.

Rehydrate the vermiculite every time you harvest your mushrooms, close the bag, and you should get a couple more crops.

There you have it, your very own edible mushrooms grown right in your own home.

Well done you!

Golden Oyster mushrooms ready to pick!

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