5 Microdosing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

5 Microdosing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Finding reliable and accurate information on microdosing can be a struggle. Anti-drug groups, biased media and even ill informed psychonauts can all add to the plethora of misinformation online.

You’ve most likely heard some concerning, confusing or wild claims about microdosing. While some of them are true, not everything you hear is correct. Take a look at these five microdosing myths and stay educated:


 1. Microdosing will turn you into Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless


You’ve probably heard the comparisons between microdosing psychedelics and the movie Limitless. As awesome as it would be to have perfect memory recall, an IQ score that would make Steven Hawking blush and Bradley Cooper’s dreamy blue eyes, that’s not what’s going to happen to you.

First of all, Limitless is inspired by the pharmaceutical drug Modafinil. Sadly, even Modafinil can’t actually turn you into a stockbroker genius overnight. This is because Limitless is a dramatised, Hollywood movie. It’s fictional. Entertaining, but still fictional.

So where did all the Limitless comparisons come from? While the film may be quite the stretch of the imagination, the effects of microdosing psychedelics are quite similar. Microdosing offers massively increased energy levels, heightened creativity and the ability to think laterally. You might find that your boosted brain power helps you to smash through your to do list, essays or work projects like never before.


 2. Microdosing will have you tripping balls at work, school or dinner with Grandma


For simplicity’s sake, let’s compare microdosing psychedelics to drinking alcohol. If you have one shot of alcohol, you’re probably going to feel ever so slightly buzzed. Maybe you’ll feel a little more confident and more relaxed. What you won’t feel is completely drunk. You won’t be slurring your words, stumbling or struggling to perform tasks. 

Microdosing psychedelics is kind of the same. Taking a proper microdose isn’t going to make you hallucinate or feel incredibly high like a full or even low dose might. The effects are almost imperceptible. This is why so many use microdosing to perform better at work, or improve their study habits. 

Of course, alcohol is a very different substance to LSD or psilocybin— some would say it’s a sin to compare LSD with a drug like alcohol. But it’s a useful metaphor to understand why microdosing leaves you feeling functional and capable of going about your day as normal. However, you should make sure your first ever day of microdosing is at home, not at work or university— just to be safe!

 5 Microdosing Myths You Need To Stop Believing


3. Microdosing LSD will make you go insane


Were you alive in the 1960s? If so, congratulations on successfully navigating the internet! You probably remember all those LSD horror stories from back in the day. They usually involved someone taking acid, thinking they could fly and jumping out a window to their death. 

This was most likely because:

a) They didn’t take Bill Hicks’ advice and try to take off from the ground first 


b) They were obviously driven crazy by the psychedelic substance in their system

Many people are still too scared to take acid for fear of going insane. They’ve heard that all it takes is one “bad trip” and you’ve lost your mind forever. Unfortunately, many of these horror stories were spread by the very governments who were trying to prevent the public from taking LSD. 

That’s not to say there’s no such thing as a bad trip. But if you’ve taken full doses of psychedelics before, then you’ll know that ensuring a pleasant experience comes down to set and setting— that is, your mindset and environment.

Set and setting apply slightly less to microdosing, but the rule is still relevant. Some microdosers do report feeling slightly anxious at times. It might be best to avoid microdosing when entering intense situations or environments, and always be mindful of your headspace. If you’re mentally healthy, you need not worry about “going crazy” from microdosing LSD

There is one important exception to this. If you have a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, we don’t recommend that you microdose. The risk of worsening your symptoms, or even triggering manic episodes or psychosis, is something to take seriously. We do not condone self-medicating with microdosing.


4. The longer you microdose, the more you need to take


There’s a lot of debate in the psychonaut community over whether or not the body builds up a tolerance to LSD when microdosing. While frequent, full doses LSD does cause a tolerance within the body, the lack of research about microdosing means the answer lies in anecdotal experiences alone. The problem here is that some people say yes and others say no, whether they’re microdosing daily or following James Fadiman’s recommended routine.

But consider this: you might be better suited to taking a smaller dose than you think you need. Many microdosers have reported surprisingly positive effects after significantly lowering their dose. Similarly, many people continue to microdose with the same amount each time with no reported decrease in benefits. Sometimes less is more— why not give it a shot and record your results?

5 Microdosing Myths You Need To Stop Believing


5. All you need to microdose is a tab of LSD and a pair of scissors


First of all, LSD isn’t the only substance you can microdose! Psilocybin mushrooms are also an option, as well as other substances such as cannabis.

If you have chosen LSD as your psychedelic of choice, then you should know that simply chopping up your tab with a pair of scissors isn’t the best way to go about microdosing. If you don’t dose properly, you might actually end up tripping balls at work (see point 2).

So how do you microdose properly? There are three important components: testing, measuring and preserving. 

Unless you’ve tested your product, you really have no idea what’s in it. Instead of putting your health (and microdosing experience) at risk, invest in an easy-to-use testing kit— we sell them here.

After you’ve made sure your chosen psychedelic is what you think it is, you need to turn that larger dose into microdoses. Forget the unreliable snip-and-pray method— you need to get acquainted with volumetric dosing (you can read more about it here). This basically ensures you’re getting the same amount of micrograms every time.

This is also where preservation comes in. You don’t want to use tap water to dilute your LSD. Tap water contains chlorine, which will effectively render your acid obsolete. Unless you really enjoy the placebo effect, use filtered water or alcohol instead.

Not sure where to buy all these supplies? We’ve got you covered! We sell handy volumetric microdosing kits that contain just about everything you need to get started. Happy microdosing!

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