5 Common Microdosing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

5 Common Microdosing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Experimenting is an important step to figuring out your ideal microdosing routine. But sometimes all that trial and error can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. You might even think microdosing isn’t for you.

Before you throw in the hat and give up on microdosing, make sure you’re not making some avoidable mistakes.

Making mistakes is one of the most effective ways to learn. But a little preliminary knowledge can be the difference between a positive microdosing experience and a negative one.

Confused about how to start microdosing? Wondering how to microdose safely? Not sure why microdosing isn’t working for you? Check out these common microdosing mistakes first: 


1. Microdosing LSD By Cutting Up Tabs


No matter how skilled you are with a pair of scissors, microdosing by cutting up a tab of LSD is something we don’t recommend.

This method is unreliable for two reasons. First of all, it’s difficult to divide a tiny piece of paper into consistent portions. It’s not just a hassle— it’s inaccurate.

Secondly, the acid may be unevenly distributed over the paper. Even if you do manage to perfectly divide your tab, each piece could hold a different amount of LSD. You might end up taking fewer micrograms than you’d intended— or consuming more LSD than a microdose.

What To Do Instead:

Volumetric dosing is the most reliable way to microdose LSD. By dissolving LSD in distilled water or alcohol, you can greatly reduce the risk of over- or under-dosing. 

Don’t worry— you can still microdose with blotter paper! Volumetric dosing can be done with liquid LSD or tabs. Our Microdosing Kit contains everything you need to get started, including detailed instructions.


2. Overdoing It

 Top 5 Microdosing Mistakes - MicroKits

If microdosing has left you feeling burned-out, anxious or noticeably high, chances are you’re going about it the wrong way.

Microdosing everyday isn’t necessarily going to give you the best results. Your body actually builds up a tolerance to LSD when ingested daily.

Some users even report heightened anxiety when microdosing without taking regular breaks.

It’s also important to avoid taking too much. For example, taking more than 20 micrograms of LSD is no longer considered a microdose.

Accidentally consuming larger doses of LSD or mushrooms when microdosing can have unwanted and even dangerous consequences if you’re planning on driving, going to work, or interacting with friends and family who might not approve of psychedelics.

What To Do Instead:

The best way to avoid crossing the microdosing threshold is to measure accurately.

If you’re microdosing with LSD, find out how many micrograms are in your tabs or drops. Make sure to use volumetric dosing, which can be done with our handy Microdosing Kit.

How much LSD is in a microdose? Anywhere between 2 and 20 micrograms, but most people take around 10. A microdose of psilocybin mushrooms is between 200 and 500 milligrams. We recommended starting with a lower dose first.

How often should you microdose? Following James Fadiman’s popular regiment will give you the best results. Fadiman advocates for the following schedule for microdosing LSD and mushrooms:

Day 1: Microdose.

Day 2: No Microdose. You’ll still feel residual effects from yesterday.

Day 3: No microdose. Take a break!

Day 4: Microdose.

It’s also a good idea to take regular breaks from microdosing altogether. Microdosing in cycles is a great way to reap the full benefits of your routine!


3. Replacing Medication With Microdosing


We do not condone self-medicating with microdosing.

Psychedelic therapy is very under-researched. We just don’t know enough about the risks to encourage you to use microdosing to treat your health issues.

Psychedelics may sound like a miracle cure for depression. But even authorised research, such as the Beckley Foundation’s psilocybin study, was performed under the supervision of trained doctors and paired with psychological therapy.

Discontinuing your medication against the advice of your doctor can be dangerous. Combining psychedelics with certain medications, such as antidepressants, is also unsafe.

What To Do Instead:

The best person to help you with your medical issues is a qualified medical professional. 

If you want to stop taking medication, the best method is to speak to your doctor or therapist about alternative treatments and follow their advice.

Mindfulness meditation can produce similar benefits to microdosing. Try incorporating meditation with your regular medication, a healthy diet and exercise regiment and, if applicable, therapy.


4. Microdosing Without Testing First


The market is flooded with research chemicals that pose far greater health risks than LSD or mushrooms. You need to make sure the substance you’re using for microdosing is legitimate.

Drugs such as 25C-NBOMe are easily passed off as LSD, but can be harmful in large doses.

Mushrooms are also very difficult to identify. Some psilocybin mushrooms look very similar to poisonous varieties. Ingesting the wrong kind of mushroom can easily prove fatal. 

Unless you test your product, there’s no way of knowing what you’re ingesting. 

What To Do Instead:

To make sure that tab isn’t just a piece of blank paper — or worse, a dangerous research chemical — it’s important to test before dosing.

Luckily, our Ehrlich testing kit allows you to test LSD and psilocybin mushrooms easily and accurately. After all, why risk your health when you don’t have to? 


5. Combining Microdosing With Caffeine


Caffeine is great for boosting energy levels. But some microdosers have reported feeling uncomfortable when microdosing on caffeine. The combined energy rush makes some people feel too wired and even anxious.

While it isn’t dangerous, you might find caffeine too intense when microdosing.

What To Do Instead:

Microdosing can boost your energy just like caffeine, minus the physical addiction. If you’re looking to cut back on your caffeine consumption, try going without that cup of coffee or energy drink on the days that you microdose. 

Who knows? You might even kick that coffee addiction for good!

Of course, not everyone reports these unwanted symptoms. Some microdosers love the combined effects of caffeine and LSD!


To get the most out of microdosing, you can check out our Microdosing Kit here.

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Sep 06, 2017 • Posted by Misti

well written guidance, all detail included. Thats what makes it save and positiv journey for may.
One thing to add. there are very few which microdose on lsd even less than 5 ug.
had a lot of struggle in the begginning 2 years ago and now i’m on my third 10 weeks cicle with 2 ug .
cheers and thanks for your work

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